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How to Write & Publish Your Book in 90 Days


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We know you have this burning desire to finally write the book that has been in your head FOREVER, but you just don't know where to start! In the "How to Write and Publish Your Book in 90 Days" Course, we show you step-by-step how to get your book written, published, and out into the hands of millions. The signature piece of this program is not just you gaining the title of becoming a published author, but so you can actually make money off of your ideas!

Module 1: In this module, you will zone in on defining your why for writing, which will ultimately make or break the success for your book. You then deep dive into conducting highly effective market research to decide the topic of your book based on the profile you will build with your target audience member. You gain the knowledge to find your tribe and have them become your biggest followers.

Module 2: For this module, you will gain the skills to create quality writing content your audience will go crazy to have in their finger tips. Our template for writing is used by best selling authors to create books that go to the number one spot on Amazon. Don't worry, if you have no idea how you could possibly finish writing a book in 90 days, we break it down for you to map out a plan to hold yourself accountable for your writing. You will also have access to a THRIVING Facebook Group to keep you on track and focused throughout your writing journey.

Module 3: You will get the tips to market your book that other companies around the globe will not tell you! If you know someone who has written all these books, but have yet to become wealthy, we are revealing the reasons why. Don't let that be you, best-selling author! We show you the exact way to promote and market your book like a professional in an organic way that doesn't seem sales-y. Making money from book sales will not be a problem for you after completing and applying the steps in this module.

Module 4: Legalities are important for your written work, so you will learn how to protect your intellectual property as United States citizen. If you reside outside of the US, then you will be directed to the best places to gather this information to protect your written work. You will find out how to get your book on Amazon, Create Space, and other amazing sites to make money passively. Plus, we are sharing with you the top distributors to get your books at the lowest rates to have the largest profits!

Bonuses: You might be thinking the knowledge you are gaining in the modules is already enough (yes, the modules alone have over $5,000 of information in them), but we wanted you to walk away with more tools to become an influential thought leader. The bonuses include learning how to book paid international speaking engagements, become a Thrive Global Contributor, and how to become a paid international writer!

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